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About CaliCaps Welding Caps

On our site we have many different fabrics and patterns to fit your choice. You can request a special welding cap with a specific pattern or just a bundle of single or double-sided welding caps. These caps are handmade with extreme attention to detail and have an even 6-panel design. With this design we are different than the other welding cap makers, because our caps can be worn in any direction and will fit the same every time. The others are made pointed on top(4-panel), and oval shape(6-panel oval) so you have to wear them either forward or back. Some other welding cap makers say that, "they make their hats without the re-enforced stitch on the seam," because they claim that, "it looks more professional." The truth is that these type hats take a long time to make and to add extra zig-zag stitch down the seam is very time consuming. I am glad that they too make their hats in the US but laziness never equals quality. Our welding caps are made slow and precise every time the first time.

Our Single-Side Welding Caps are made with the same craftsmanship as the double. In fact, I prefer those because they are not as thick to wear in the hot summer months. All of our single sided caps have a matching, solid color fabric on the under-side of the bill (only). They also have a sewn in sweat band to keep you dry while working or out with friends.

Our Double-Side Welding Caps are also made with as much stellar quality as the single sided caps. The flip side to our double-sided caps has a matching, solid color on the other side of the entire cap. (There is no sweat band sewn into the double-sided welding caps.)

We also have on our gallery page photos of different jobs and craftsmen while working. You can email a photo of you or a friend on a cool job or while in action. Please include Name, Date, Trade, and Job of the person(s) in the photo and we will share them IF they are deemed appropriate by the owner of CaliCaps.

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