“ Life is not about being the best – life is about being the best you can be, until you learn to do better. ”

Welcome to CaliCaps!

We are your premier manufacturer and supplier of Welding Caps. Our caps are designed, hand crafted, sewn, and Made In The U.S.A. We value your business and intend to supply you with the best quality caps out there. These caps aren't just for the welder: they are for any tradesman that has a need for good-looking comfort while working or out on the town.

At work our welding caps provide a liner between those uncomfortable hardhats and your head. They sure help during those long hours when you don't need to worry about the uncomfortable headaches. You can spend your time cutting, lifting, threading, welding, fabricating or installing the product you make your livelihood on. These caps will also provide a thin warm layer over your head, under your hardhat while working in those cold Fall and Winter days or nights. Our welding caps also provide a sweat band during hot Spring and Summer days and nights. You can even soak them in water to bring added relief. Our welding caps can be made with a Tall, Medium, or Short crown depending on what you want. All of our welding caps have a 2 3/4 x 7" steady yet flexible bill (depending on the direction worn) that can also be used to deflect any unwanted debris, slag, sparks, or sun from the eyes, ears and neck. All of our caps are made of 100% Cotton and FR chemical treated. (FR= 100% cotton is natural fiber and is flame retardant. We also spray treat all of our fabric with a FR chemical. (Our hats are not Fire Proof but Flame Retardant.)

At home our welding caps are just the same and comfortable but without a bulky hardhat on. The thing is, all our hats have cool designs to go with whatever situation you find yourself in. At the mall, at the park, at the game, or just with some friends, CaliCaps is the cap for you!

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